Andrew Boyd

At first, everything happened so slowly and piecemeal — a tragedy here, a little catastrophe there — I didn’t know I was under attack. It felt like the rumble of far-off gunfire in somebody else’s war. It took a while for it all to come into focus.

         If it had been an army of Orcs led by the Eye of Sauron, or gangly robots from Mars, or jackbooted Nazis and their henchmen marching into town, then I would have known. I would have seen it plainly. I would have taken up arms, joined the Resistance, whathaveyou. But our 21st Century Lords of Carbon, in their suits and pipelines and feel-good logos, blend in better. Their ultimate designs, however, are just as evil. They plunder the land, poison the water, slaughter our animal brothers and sisters. With five species lost to eternity every day[1], and the slow-drip of carbon dismembering the planet, they’re driving us all to extinction. My home, my people, every one I love and all that I hold dear, is under direct attack. What else is this if not war?

Excerpt from a manuscript in progress by Andrew Boyd
Lacawac attendee August, 2015.


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